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Disability Facts

Did you know that about 48% of home foreclosures are due to a disability, but only 3% are due to death?

Why? Because most people have a life insurance policy, but most don't have a disability policy. Disability Insurance protects your most valuable asset - YOUR INCOME!

Fact: Social Security won't protect you. They reject 70% of those who apply for disability income.

Fact: One out of 5 Americans will suffer a disability of at least one year before age 65! You probably know several people who were out of work for an extended period of time due to an accident or sickness. A disability income policy covers you for both.

Disability Insurance

  • Coverage for virtually all occupations
  • Own Occupation (Occupation Specific) Plans
  • First Day Accident Coverage
  • Professional Disability Insurance
  • Office Overhead Disability Insurance
  • Buy-Sell Disability Insurance
  • Less than one year in business
  • Quick response within 24 hours - GUARANTEED!
  • 5 Competitive Quotes Prepared

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