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Disability Facts and Types of Claims

Dean A. Schachter

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People never consider the chances of becoming disabled but 1 in 4 people will become disabled for at least 3 months before reaching age 65.

The average disability lasts about 36 months.

More home foreclosures are due to a disability (50%) vs. a death (2%), since most people have a life policy.

What are the Major Types of Disability Claims?
According to claims records at the major companies, these are the types of claims filed:

Back & Neck                       28.5%
Neurological                       13.7%
Cardiovascular                    13.1%
Cancer/Tumor                      8.4%
Accidents & Poisoning          7.2%
Psychiatric & Emotional        7.2%
Respiratory                           3.0%
Infection                                2.7%
Digestive System                  2.4%
Complications of Pregnancy 1.4%
All others                              12.4%

                                 Total    100%