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What is Your Most Valuable Asset?

Dean A. Schachter

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No, it’s not your house or your children, even though you love them and value them.


Think about it! Multiply the number of working years you expect to have times your current income.

Example, Nancy is a 30 year old who will probably work 40 more years. If her current income is $50,000 the value of her total income stream is $2,000,000. And that’s NOT factoring in raises, both merit and COLA, OR promotional raises. So we can conservatively estimate her income stream at $2.5 to $3 Million.

For most people that number is higher than the value of their house.

So why do people insure their homes to full value (even those without a mortgage) but not their income? Does life insurance solve the problem? Well, partially. Most people max out their life insurance at $1 million. Yes, that will protect the family from losing their home and give them income to live on but it’s not enough.

So how do we insure that Most Valuable Asset? With a Disability policy!

Ask us for an affordable quote.

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